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A beautiful disaster

August 9, 2014

I’m not really sure I have the words to correctly describe Katy and Richard’s Sheffield wedding. What started as a seemingly normal and lovely wedding, quickly turned into a wedding disaster, and then turned into probably one of the most special and memorable days I’ll ever be part of. Maybe next time when you think a wedding nightmare is the flowers being the wrong colour, or the weather being ‘too hot’, or hair being not quite so perfect….remember these two and how they embrace a real wedding disaster. People make a wedding, not the weather, the flowers, the photos, the food. The people. I have so much love for Yorkshire people right now.

Shout out’s to these people who went above and beyond..

Wentworth Castle Gardens
Joy at Unique wedding planning
PJ Taste
First Sight Video

The Bridesmaids for embracing the awesome towards the end
and every other person who came together to save their wedding.

I travel anywhere in the world for a wedding. You can see more of my work and contact me via www.s6photography.co.uk

wet wedding 1 A beautiful disaster

wet wedding 2 A beautiful disaster

wet wedding 3 A beautiful disaster

wet wedding 4 A beautiful disaster

weddings in rain 1 A beautiful disaster

wet wedding 6 A beautiful disaster

wet wedding 7 A beautiful disaster

wet wedding 8 A beautiful disaster

wet wedding 9 A beautiful disaster

wet wedding 10 A beautiful disaster

wet wedding 11 A beautiful disaster

wet wedding 12 A beautiful disaster

wet wedding 13 A beautiful disaster

wet wedding 14 A beautiful disaster

wet wedding 15 A beautiful disaster

wet wedding 16 A beautiful disaster

wet wedding 17 A beautiful disaster

wet wedding 18 A beautiful disaster

wet wedding 19 A beautiful disaster

wet wedding 20 A beautiful disaster

wet wedding 21 A beautiful disaster

wet wedding 22 A beautiful disaster

wet wedding 23 A beautiful disaster

wet wedding 24 A beautiful disaster

wet wedding 25 A beautiful disaster

wet wedding 26 A beautiful disaster

wet wedding 27 A beautiful disaster

wet wedding 28 A beautiful disaster

wet wedding 29 A beautiful disaster

wet wedding 30 A beautiful disaster

wet wedding 31 A beautiful disaster

wet wedding 32 A beautiful disaster

wet wedding 33 A beautiful disaster

wet wedding 34 A beautiful disaster

wet wedding 35 A beautiful disaster

wet wedding 36 A beautiful disaster

wet wedding 37 A beautiful disaster

wet wedding 38 A beautiful disaster

wet wedding 39 A beautiful disaster

wet wedding 40 A beautiful disaster

wet wedding 41 A beautiful disaster

wet wedding 42 A beautiful disaster

wet wedding 43 A beautiful disaster

wet wedding 44 A beautiful disaster

wet wedding 45 A beautiful disaster

wet wedding 46 A beautiful disaster

wet wedding 47 A beautiful disaster

wet wedding 48 A beautiful disaster

weddings in rain 4 A beautiful disaster

amazing wedding 1 A beautiful disaster

wet wedding 50 A beautiful disaster

wet wedding 51 A beautiful disaster

wet wedding 52 A beautiful disaster

wet wedding 53 A beautiful disaster

wet wedding 54 A beautiful disaster

wet wedding 55 A beautiful disaster

wet wedding 56 A beautiful disaster

wet wedding 57 A beautiful disaster

wet wedding 58 A beautiful disaster

wet wedding 59 A beautiful disaster

wet wedding 60 A beautiful disaster

weddings in rain 2 A beautiful disaster

wet wedding 62 A beautiful disaster

wet wedding 63 A beautiful disaster

wet wedding 64 A beautiful disaster

You can see more of my work and contact me about this wedding via www.s6photography.co.uk

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83 Responses to “A beautiful disaster”

  1. Sachin Khona says:

    Wow. Awesome that the couple took it on the chin and carried on.
    Great job documenting it J.
    The portraits are the end are awesome! Love the first dance shot!

  2. shelly says:

    Amazing stuff. Just goes to show you that the weather neednt ruin a wedding. Embrace the rain! Fantastic work Jon. They will remember their wedding not as a disaster, but a fun filled, epic day.

  3. Matt says:

    Wow, I’m lost for words, just wow. You all rock.

  4. Amazing! Fair play to them and you, you really captured the whole gamut of emotions!

  5. Beautiful just beautiful mate…..no words to describe how awesome everyones reaction to the situation at this wedding (including yourself) was and then how you captured it all!!!

  6. Andy Gaines says:

    People are awesome. and that includes you. Yo.

  7. Ian says:

    Good grief – that’s wet!
    They kept smiling, and you kept taking photos – that’s the important thing. And no one will forget that wedding in a hurry!

  8. James Lester says:

    Superb visual diary of what was clearly a very eventful day!

  9. Igor Demba says:

    This is what it is about. People people people. Even better when it’s awesome people. Nailed it Dennis!

  10. Holly says:

    This is everything that is amazing about a wedding. And Yorkshire people :) Great job!

  11. Mark Tierney says:

    Wow what a couple, respect! Ace work as usual Jon.

  12. Oh Jon. A wedding they (and you) will never forget. WELL BLOODY DONE.

  13. What a shame for the bride and groom, but looks like it all came good in the end! well done to everyone involved, and fantastic work from you Jon xx

  14. Karen Julia says:

    OMG! That poor couple! It’s awesome how they embraced it! The photos tell the story with such detail, great job!

  15. Rob says:

    An ombrophobic photographers worst nightmare but you nailed it ;)
    Way to take control – cracking coverage in spite of the rain!

  16. FANTASTIC ..

    GREAT images and a fantastic couple, amazing guests and vendors who embraced the situation …


  17. Kate says:

    Tears streaming down my face in time to the rainy pics, but happiness too as you are clearly such a wonderful couple not to let stuff get in the way of YOU. Congratulations and hope you have a WONDERFUL life together!

  18. Jo Davies says:

    I’m sure at times it felt like a disaster but it doesn’t look like a disaster at all! It looks like the happiest day of their lives & they now have a unique story to look back on. You’ve captured the day so well. The pictures are beautiful. When life gives you rain you may as well get wet!! Love it! :) x

  19. Excellent storytelling. The shots of the couple at the end are awesome, love how they just embraced the elements & seemed chilled out about it all. :)

  20. Fiona Pedder says:

    Takes a speacial couple , guests and awesome photographer to capture and get through that and make it look AMAZING and be the best day ever as it should be !!! Looks like u had all that – well done all !!!!

  21. Kathryn says:

    Oh wow! This is just incredible. Just absolutely beautifully captured. The spirit of the day really comes across. Amazing! One never to forget!!

  22. Chris says:

    Just Awesome, no words to describe the combination of feelings that this evokes Jon, incredible people and you sir are a legend.

  23. Johnny D says:

    Stirling work and proof that people make an awesome wedding, not the weather..

  24. Megan says:

    I actually cried looking at these!

    What stunning photos, and what spirit this wedding party has. Despite the sheer frustration on their faces (At times) you can see they were determined to just declare their love and celebrate,

    I hope, some day soon, they manage to have a dry meal and celebration!

    Congratulations dear couple, you really showed us all how to cope with a disaster!

    Wishing you much luck for your future, Mx

  25. Michelle says:

    Wow! Love in it’s simplest form….there was no worry, no concern, these people were in love, loved their day and will no doubt love their wedding images. A true memory made and captured!

  26. When I saw the first pictures coming through on your FB timeline, I imagined the Bride in a flood of tears, inconsolable. I *never* would have imagined seeing smiling faces instead. Heart-warming to see that something like this didn’t detract from celebrating their wedding day. Beautifully captured as well dude.

  27. Jennifer Gillam Photography says:

    What fabulous pix pictures – goes without saying that they are a fabulous couple! What a day to remember :-)

  28. Rob says:

    What legends! Great job documenting the day, looks like so much fun :)

  29. Kat Forsyth says:

    These are people I’d want to have as friends. Look at them, being awesome and going, “heck yeah, our wedding was flooded, now let’s splash around in it!”. And kudos to the staff and everyone who got soaking wet carrying things around in all those pics, too.

    And to YOU, Jon, for capturing the spirit and emotions of everything! You rock! xx

  30. Wow what an epic couple! Love how they just loved their wedding despite what was thrown at them and you captured it beautifully. Love, love, love!

  31. Incredible save by all. What an amazing couple to take it in their stride. Awesome stuff Jon!

  32. Judy G says:

    Great images! And what an amazing couple, who along with their family & friends, staff and everyone else who helped out, managed not to let a freak weather event spoil their special day.

    Congratulations Katy & Richard!

  33. Wow, what a brilliant group of people! They literally kept calm and carried on in true British form. Brilliant job of documenting this.

  34. Wow, amazing photos of a truly unforgettable day. The Bride and Groom just seemed to take it in their stride and this has been expertly captured in these images. Incredible coverage in very tough conditions. LOVE.

  35. Awesome work in what look like such horrible conditions! So cool to see the couple take the weather in their stride and make sure it didn’t ruin their day!

  36. Kelly says:


    These are unreal. The couple are amazing. LOVE LOVE and Fricking LOVE some more xxx

  37. Zibi says:

    Great images! Love it!

  38. I love this couple – and I don’t know them!
    Massive awesomeness all round (and that includes you of course Jon).

  39. Wow what a day…what a fab couple…and all perfectly captured Jon. Love it all. It truly shows what weddings are all about and how the only thing that matters is the people and having the best time together whatever the weather. Bloody brilliant and much respect to all those who as you say ‘went above and beyond’ :) fabulous set of images Jon x

  40. Sharron says:

    Ahhh Jon, you did an amazing job. What a brilliant and rewarding day to be apart of. It certainly restores your faith in human nature. x

  41. shola says:

    This is the power of positive attitude, from both the couple and the photograher. The bride &groom will definetly make a good couple with this type of attitude. Well done to the PHOTOGrapher!!

  42. Vicky Tickle says:

    Jon! What fantastic images! just looking at the pics made my heart literally, swell! The awesome’ness of everyone involved was overwhelming just to see…

    No doubt the bride and groom loved their day and everyone who was part of their bridal party will remember the day forever!

    Amazing work Jon…. you rocked this situation!

  43. What a wet wedding! Hats off to the positive couple and their guests who went with it and had a brilliant time anyway. That’s such a healthy, positive attitude. From Jon Dennis & co. , I would have expected nothing less.

  44. Mark Brown says:

    Wow. Amazing. Well done x

  45. Becky says:

    Gorgeous gorgeous photos! Such a shame the British weather had to interfere! Gorgeous photos, hope they had a wonderful day regardless x

  46. This is so lovely to see they weren’t disheartened by the (huge amount of) rain. You can see the hours of planning and preparation gone into this but it just shows love conquers all!

  47. Absolutely brilliant! Great to see the couple making the most out of it. Awesome!

  48. Shirley Will says:

    Yorkshire wit, grit and sense of fun and determination at its best. Just wonderful

  49. Emma Fowle says:

    Almost brought a tear to my eye! that’s beautiful it looks like they all had a ball!

  50. Really great images and good work documenting it rather than freaking out (or helping out for that matter – that’s not what a photographer is there for)! I had a washout wedding disaster back in 2012 and the images ended up being taken up by the national newspapers which was rather a bizarre experience but I think it summed up that totally crap summer. You can’t beat brides and grooms and wedding guests who are up for getting a bit wet. This was mine- http://stillvision.co.uk/blog/index.php/wedding-photography-cambridge-the-wedding-of-mark-sarah-hotel-felix/

  51. Carla says:

    It happened at my wedding! It was in Brazil in a beautiful Island. In just 10 minutes a rain/wind storm wash out everything. People couldn’t even take a photo of what the Island looked like before the storm. No cake, no treats…barely no food as the wind simply swipe out all the covers from the side of the Island sheltered area. My husband and I had to comfort friends, family and singers who were in tears. We just enjoyed it all and end up with a beautiful ocean and starry sky!

  52. Soraya McElroy says:

    What an awesome family! Stunningly beautiful photos, they made me cry and loads of love to you all. Family is all. Xxx

  53. This is literally making a positive out of a negative! Fabulous photos (very creative) an memorable occasion, something to tell the grandchildren! Congratulations

  54. What fantastic pictures! looks like the wedding party made the best of things and it all turned out okay in the end…..you cant plan gorgeous mother nature induced wedding pictures like this!

  55. Sally Reid says:

    An absolute inspirational couple and an amazing set of photographs, congrats to you and to them for embracing their inner mermen and mermaids! Brilliant. x

  56. We talk a lot about documentary wedding photography … and you gave them that in spades. A tip of the hat to you for creating such great work in such difficult circumstances.

  57. Marisa says:

    ooh my – am all goose pimples and near to tears – what an incredible set of photographs and an incredible sense of happiness – triumph v adversity! and i simply stumbled across your post on facebook!

  58. Rebecca says:

    Wow! What a truely awesome couple & what amazing pictures!

  59. Epic dude, just epic! this is the human spirit right here people, accepting what has happened and going with it. We can all take a lesson from this, even if we try and fail we must remember the important things in our lives and that is to always Love. Even the terrible weather, embrace it, love it. Splash in it! :-)

  60. Jess says:

    Absolutely marvellous! Brilliant Jon! What a challenge! Awesome photos x

  61. Lisa says:

    Wow! I will never moan about a bit of rain when I am shooting ever again. Brilliant images, amazing guests and fab B &G!

  62. Linda Becker says:

    Congratulations to the lovely couple and to you the photographer! You captured the day’s events perfectly. No one wants to have their special day rained on, but since it was unavoidable the couple and their guests made lemonade out of lemons. At least the love for each other and for their family & guests shined thru in the photos! With these pictures it will remind everyone what an exciting event everyone had. Best wishes to all!

  63. Kat Clayton says:

    Good on the bride and groom for staying cheerful in spite of the downpour. These are beautiful pictures and looks like it was a beautiful day.

  64. Angela Adams says:

    Truly memorable and naturally beautiful.

  65. terri says:

    I am speechless. Absolutely Beautiful.

  66. Justin says:

    Wow, amazing! You made the best of what could have been a nightmare, and ended up with a unique, beautiful and fun wedding that you and your guests will remember forever. Congratulations to you both and great job with the photos!

  67. Kerry Roy says:

    Amazing credit to the photographer….great work :)

  68. Olly Knight says:

    Brilliant brilliant photos. I feel for the Bride and Groom as so much effort went into the look and details of the day but I applaud their sense of humour just carrying on and enjoying the day! As a fellow documentary photographer I tip my cap to you! Olly

  69. If I had a hat I’d be taking it off for you – right now.

  70. Steve Street says:

    Fantastic Jon, your always cool and calm and this proves it!!
    What a lovely fun Bride and Groom as well!

    Congratulations on making the nationals as well!!!!!!!!!

  71. Mariages says:

    Wow, the pictures really tell the story, wish there had been even more :-) Superb setting

  72. Roy Hutton says:

    Fantastico!! Bravissimi!!
    I agree with all of the comments, this will be a truly memorable occasion, thanks to the attitude of the couple and their family and friends, the photographer for capturing it perfectly, the planner for ensuring a back up location……also for Mother Nature providing the weather.

  73. Roy Hutton says:

    Sorry I wrote my website URL incorrectly

  74. The pictures are beautiful and story behind them even more :) I’m sure it was a day full of emotion… just by looking at the pictures I went from “how this is pretty” to being sad and then happy again!

  75. Incredible photos. I think most photographers would have wanted to pack up and go home when faced with such awful weather conditions! A lot of brides are put off by just a shower!

  76. I can only imagine how amazing, hectic and dramatic this was! Wonderful captures of the entire day and for capturing all of the smiles even when the rain was just coming down.

  77. alejandro says:

    A mal tiempo buena cara, parece que así se lo tomaron los novios, GENIAL.
    Las fotos perfectamente documentada no os conocía son una pasada.
    todas son muy buenas , pero me encantaron los musicos, como si estuvieran en un barco ellos siguieron tocando jaj Bravo por ellos y por esa foto.
    desde Palma de Mallorca . de un fotógrafo a otro un abrazo

  78. Lucy Crawley says:

    Wow, poor couple but looks like they really embraced it, bless them! Very admiral that they were still so happy after this disaster on the most special day of their lives sand that everyone just mucked in to keep it going. Amazing photos capturing it all, what a beautiful couple! X

  79. Shelli says:

    I was second shooting a wedding in Colorado about a month ago. The carriage that the wedding party (just the girl) where riding on flipped and the horses took off. Hurting a bunch of people! It was a mascara seen out of a movie. 3 ambulances and 2 fire trucks showed up and everyone was taken away the wedding coordinator attempted to get the wedding back on its feet. It was a crazy day!

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